The web design services offered by GG Knight web design are described below:

Help with the following:

  • Domain Name Choice.
  • Website Design.
  • Hosting – where your website is held on the internet.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Ongoing Maintenance.
  • Promoting your website.
  • Photographs for your website.
  • Videos for your website.
  • CMS Content Management System

Choosing a domain name.

This can be a difficult process. Idealy the domain name should be someting easy to remember and short but still be identifable as your company.

For example Battersea Dogs Home their domain name is , other examples British Broadcasting Corporation is, The Natural History Museum is, finally B&Q is

The extension i.e. .com - - .uk - .me - .london etc. depends on the company. .org would be an organisation. .eu would be a European company. Each comes at a price cost much less than .com and .london would cost 4 times as much

GG Knight Web design can help you to choose as part of the service.

Design an eye catching web site in the modern style incorporating animation and or media to suit your business, club, society or advertisement, with the appropriate theme. Also the design should be responsive i.e. display on any device with ease. The design should be clear, attractive, facilitate easy navigation and have the features that you require and most importantly be in a style that you like. The design also needs to incorporate items that make your site more visible on the internet.
You need to be found !

GG Knight Web design can work with you to design as you like or can take care of the designing for you.

Hosting is the place where your website is held on the internet.

Arrange the hosting of your web site to suit your needs. You may need facilities like email, speed and reliability (uptime), high bandwidth, high storage for large web sites. Good support from the hosting company.

All this and more can be advised and/or arranged by GG Knight Web Design

This is an important consideration. SEO helps to make your site more visible on the internet. Being nearer the top of a search increases the number of visitors to your web site. After all, it's not a lot of good being on page 40 of a search. Not every website can be at the top but by choosing the right criteria you have more chance of being found. There are also other ways promoting your website.

GG Knight Web Design can assist with the SEO

The upkeep of your site is important. This can take two forms:-

  • Items like contact details, latest meeting times, new services, sale now on, etc. need to be updated regularly. I can take care of these updates or I can make the design so that you can update some items.
  • Keeping the CMS (Content Managment System) and plugins up-to-date and secure. At present WordPress has one or two major updates per year (these do not automatically update as the minor bugfix updates do) and we try these out in-house before updating the live website, having done backups before and after this process. Also having experienced wordpress plugins breaking websites, these are tested in-house before updating the live site and another backup done. Backups tend to be done on a monthly basis.

GG Knight Web Design can take care of the maintenance for you.

There are many ways to promote your web site. Social Media, index sites, etc.

GG Knight Web Design can advise or take care of it for you.


Photographs to enhance the style of your website.

We can take photographs of staff, work, building, products etc. for use on your website. Also photographs can be obtained from various sources.

GGKnight web design can assist with photographs or use your photos.

Content Management System. This is for example WordPress which makes it easy for you to update details. i.e. content of pages, new information. Also allows updating of plugins etc.

GG Knight web design can set up a CMS website and teach you how to update it.